Turning Off Suggested Posts on Instagram

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Turn off suggested posts on Instagram First of all, it is necessary to look at how this algorithm of the platform works.

Instagram has its own algorithm. That algorithm; It automatically presents some suggestions by addressing account holders’ information. As we mentioned, Instagram recommendations emerge from the information gathering method of the platform. Instagram recommendations annoy users when they are sometimes heavily presented. In it, users Turn off Instagram suggested posts resorts to the method.

Turning Off Instagram Suggested Posts

Turn off Instagram suggested posts You have to follow the below mentioned steps. To turn off Instagram suggested posts;

  • Run the platform and log in,
  • Press the heart sign on the main page of the platform,
  • After clicking the heart sign, you will see 2 different tabs,
  • The tabs you see are; It is related to your area of ​​interest and the followed tab.
  • In the area we are talking about, there is a cross with the “follow” button in front of the names of the people. If you press the cross, you can see that the suggested people are removed from the list.

Turning Off Instagram Search Suggestions

Turn off Instagram search suggestions We need to give brief information about the working principle of the system before doing the operation. Instagram algorithm; As we mentioned above, likes work with followed posts. In summary; This is where artificial intelligence comes into play. The algorithm closely monitors many information such as what kind of photos you take and the second of them. In line with this information we mentioned, Instagram begins to offer content that will appeal to you. If there are content in the search suggestions that you are uncomfortable with, we recommend that you reconsider your posts. If there is no problem in your posts, then follow the steps that we will list directly below;

  • First, log in to the platform,
  • Come to the search results and see the people and pages searched in,
  • Persons and pages are crossed out on the sides. Click on that cross,
  • In Android operating systems, you can see the delete sign instead of the cross. Here you have to click the delete button.

Turning Off Suggested People and Posts on Instagram

Turn off suggested people and posts on Instagram The process is very curious, especially by women profile users. Because it is not nice to have your account recommended to others. To prevent your own account from being suggested to other accounts, you need to follow the steps below. If you follow the steps listed, your account will not be recommended to others. Please follow these steps not to recommend your account to others;

  • Login to your account via Instagram website,
  • After logging into the account, switch to the account settings section,
  • You will see the option “Suggest to similar accounts” in the account settings section. Once you mark it, you will definitely not be suggested to other accounts anymore.

Only change the settings for the “Turn off suggested on Instagram” action on the website to keep your account private. Hiding the Instagram account can only be done from the website. Currently, it is not possible to do such a hiding process through the application. After the privacy settings, when you like and share tags on similar accounts on Instagram, you will not be recommended to other accounts in any way.

Open Instagram suggested posts The process is done in reverse of the above-mentioned procedures.


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