Looking at the Story of Someone I Don’t Follow


Looking at the story of someone I don’t follow It is often one of the frequently asked questions for Instagram users. It should be known that this situation, which many people are curious about, can also be seen by those who are not on the friend list, if your account is generally in a public location. In this case, you need to set privacy or turn off the visibility of your profile to everyone so that only specific people can be shared.

If a person is not on your follow list, they will appear in the story section. Although it is stated in this section that these will not be seen when some applications are used, attention should be paid. It is recommended that people do not immediately give their personal information before trusting such applications. In order to steal information such as username and password, people deceive people to see the followers of the profiles that are in the secret account.

Looking at the Story of Someone You Don’t Follow

Seeing a user’s Instagram story in the Instagram app is normal for people followed. But looking at the story of someone you don’t follow There may be problems with this, because according to normal Instagram rules, this is prohibited. To peek at the story of someone who has hidden their profile on an Instagram account,

  • Download Story Saver for Instagram to your Android devices from Google Play Store and then log in to the application with your username and password.
  • After logging into the application, the stories of the people you follow will open and you can click on their profile if you want to look at someone’s story secretly.
  • If you want to look at the story of someone you do not follow, you can watch their stories by typing their username in the search option at the top of the screen.
  • If the profile of the user you are not following is not public, you will not be able to see the stories at this point.

Instagram Story Viewing Trick

If you want to look at the stories of someone you don’t follow, many apps promise this at this point. Instagram story view hack When it is looked at, the application to peek into the story for secret admirers is also popular. If you want to sneak a peek at the story of someone you follow, at this point the story can be peeked out without being seen in the watch queue. For this, of course, there are methods that you can use without downloading an application.

For your phones, you can first turn off an internet connection and switch them to airplane mode, so you can look at the story of the person or people you want to look at. However, we recommend that you do not activate the internet until the story time expires.

Instagram Story Viewing Site

People use a program as a hiding method when looking at Instagram stories. Instagram story viewer site not available, but there are many applications. There are several different methods you can use to spy on Instagram stories. Some of these can be applications such as Story Stalker, Story Watch, Storized, BlindSotry. You can watch stories secretly using such applications.

Looking at the story of someone who is not your friend And there are also many applications under the name of secret story monitoring, so before using such programs, you should test the reliability of the application and first try by opening a fake account, not your personal account.


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