I Can’t Advertise on Instagram, How to Solve?

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“I can’t advertise on Instagram, how to solve it” Businesses and brands face this problem a lot. Today, with the importance of social media advertisements, the emergence of such a situation significantly bends the back of businesses and brands.

Instagram is one of the most preferred social media platforms for advertising. That’s why I can’t advertise on Instagram poses a huge problem. Different advertisements are prepared for service and product promotions. However, due to various reasons, account users begin to be unable to advertise. When faced with such situations, the methods listed below must be applied.

What are Instagram Advertising Failure Issues?

“What are the Instagram ads not being able to advertise” After finding the answer to the question, the problem is solved more easily. I can’t advertise on Instagram There are many reasons behind the problem. Instagram approves the ads to be broadcast within 24 hours. If an ad is not approved within 24 hours, then the probability of it being aired is zero. Many brands and business accounts run into this issue because they don’t look at information about Facebook advertising policies. Facebook advertising principles need to be followed constantly. In this way I can’t advertise on Instagram You will start to run into problems. Facebook advertising policies When it is fully implemented, Instagram ads also start to receive approval.

Below is the disapproval of Instagram ads;

  • text rates,
  • Contents,
  • Images,
  • Expressions play an important role.

Advertising images should not include too much text. Instagram does not approve of ads when text overlays the entire image. Making distinctions based on religion, gender and language also creates this problem. Referring directly to the platform with age-restricted content creates the problem of not being able to advertise.

How to Fix Instagram Cannot Advertise Problem?

How to fix the problem of “I can’t post ads on Instagram” Please login to your profile on the platform. After the profile entry, there is a symbol in the upper right corner. Click on that symbol and enter the “Accounts” area that will appear. Then a window will appear in front of you in the accounts section. On the incoming window, click on the “Linked Accounts” section and then on the “Facebook” text. Select the “Unlink Account” button that appears on your screen as a result of clicking. Press the “Yes, Unlink” field and disconnect from Facebook.

Adding a Facebook Page to an Instagram account;

  • Login to your profile on Instagram,
  • Click on “Edit Profile” option,
  • You will see the “Public Business Information” section. Press the “Page” text below it,
  • You must select the page you manage and re-promote the message.

I can’t advertise on Instagram stories We recommend that you use the ad manager actively in order to fix the problems related to the ad. In this way, you can have more information with the advertisements you will broadcast. The more information you have, the higher the rate of approval for your ads. Because you start creating ads that comply with the Instagram algorithm. In order to avoid the problem of not being able to advertise on Instagram, you need to be very good with Facebook, especially. When you create and publish ads according to Facebook policies, you will never encounter the problem of not being able to advertise on Instagram.


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