How to Stalk


How to stalk When we look at it, especially the word stalk is a word that comes from English and it has a general meaning such as approaching silently. Stalking means following someone or more than one person on social media secretly. In the question of what does Stalk mean, what people do is to secretly follow along with their shares, and many social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp are used today.

What Does Stalk Mean on Social Media?

People who stalk on social media channels are called stalkers or stalkers, it varies from platform to platform, and even if stalking is done with the same tactic on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook platforms, it is more difficult on platforms such as Whatsapp. What does stalking mean on social media? It can generally be summarized as:

  • If the account of the people you want to stalk on Instagram is private, you should send a follow request first.
  • It may be harder to stalk on Twitter, but things get easier when the person you follow gives their consent.
  • Shared stories, photos, tweets, likes and a lot of information can be found according to those who are followed, you can find information you are curious about, especially for newly met people, by first searching for their name on all social media.

How to Stalk Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app overall and the hardest to stalk compared to other social media platforms. how to make whatsapp stalker When you look at the last seen status of the people whose numbers you find or the registered people in your directory, you may need to look constantly.

At this point, it is necessary to be observed on the screen to wait for them to be online and also to learn how much time they spend on Whatsapp after being offline. While stalking a person on Whatsapp, you should be careful not to press the call button and you should not use various fraudulent applications to stalk.

How to Stalk Instagram

most commonly used how to stalk instagram If the account of the people in front of you appears to be hidden, you should look at it with a fake account at this point. However, it may be necessary to be careful when stalking on a fake account. Stalking usually satisfies curiosity in many subjects, but it can become excessive after a while. For this reason, you should be careful and do stalking without exaggerating.

While stalking, you should be careful not to disturb the people in front of you. You should also be careful when stalking through your personal account. If it is a person you follow and you want to view his story secretly, you can watch it by turning off your internet at this point, you can try different stalking methods like this, but you should make sure that the story expires before you open the internet.


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