How to See Hidden Status on Whatsapp

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WhatsApp status not visible noted by many. The reasons for this are quite numerous. If your phone and application are up to date, there are no technical problems, and if you uninstall and install the application again, it does not appear, it means that it has hidden its status.

This feature is available to every user. In this way, the people who share it can specify who can see and who can not see it. Therefore, solutions to this are often examined. Under normal circumstances, if a person has activated this feature, it is only possible to see the hidden status through the relevant phone. At the same time, some of the names in the directory can be found among the people who can see it.

If you do not have access to such people, the application does not offer you an option.

Apps to See Hidden Status on WhatsApp

With the development of Instagram and the acceleration of technological advances, an increase has been observed in the services offered to social media platforms. They offer services on different subjects. Applications are also included.

This also applies to Instagram. Although the official application does not offer a solution on the subject, WhatsApp hidden status app can be found on the internet. It is sufficient to search for Turkish and English resources.

However, caution is advised as these are third-party applications. Because, in order to look at the situations, it can make requests from your device such as access to your contacts. Therefore, it is essential to be careful.

Can those who are not in the directory see the status?

The story can be shared on WhatsApp as well as on social media platforms. However, in practice these situation is called by name. Although it is used extensively, there are many questions about it. one of them Can someone who is not registered in the contacts see the whatsapp status? is happening.

When an investigation is made on this matter, it is noticed that the updates in question will only be seen by those who have saved them in their own directory. Therefore, if you have not included a person in your directory, they will not be able to see your photo and will not be able to access the situation.

Can WhatsApp Statuses Be Seen Privately?

WhatsApp status trick It also includes seeing the status of the relevant account secretly, that is, without the knowledge of seen. Although it may seem difficult, it is quite easy. By following the procedures below, people can find a solution immediately;

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Once in the settings menu, tap on the account option.
  3. Enter the privacy and security area.
  4. After saying privacy, turn off the read receipt.

After completing these operations, even if you look at the story, the receipt will not be sent to the other party. However, there are two issues that you should pay attention to. One of them is that if you activate the feature, you will not be able to see who is looking at your own status.

Also, turning off the read receipt indicates that the blue ticks will no longer appear. Thus, even if both you and the other party read your message, they will not notice it.

How to Hide WhatsApp Statuses?

WhatsApp statuses can be hidden easily. For this, first of all, you must open the application and go to the settings section. Then access the privacy section from the account section. There are a number of options in the status section seen here.

These allow you to share with only certain people, share only with certain people, and post in general.


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