How to Delete Youtube History

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how to delete youtube history When you look at it, you can have it deleted automatically and try to delete it manually one by one. With the recent updates Youtube has made, it even provides the opportunity to stop the Youtube history. Increasing the work in the field of user privacy, a new feature has been activated for Youtube and Youtube search history can be deleted with the automatic deletion feature.

Youtube users along with the videos they watched search history You can freeze the section completely or automate it to delete it in a certain period of time from the settings section. Thus, you will be able to delete videos practically without the need to constantly delete them manually.

Youtube Auto Deletion of History

Automatically Youtube watch history When you look at the steps to be followed for the deletion steps, go to the My Google Activity section, enter the Youtube History section and click the automatic delete option to choose how long your Youtube history data will be stored. Different options are offered to users to delete Youtube history. When looking at these options,

  • You can choose to keep it for 18 months or automatically delete it, with the option to keep it until I delete it.
  • Alternatively, you can keep it for 3 months and then automatically delete it.
  • You can complete your transactions by selecting an option you want and clicking the confirm button in the next section.

Stop Searching and History on Youtube with Incognito Mode

You can automatically prevent data collection about history in android applications on Youtube. How to delete youtube history completely If you want to stop the history, you can automatically prevent data collection by following some instructions.

If you are watching or will watch videos that you do not want to appear in your past videos, the incognito mode may come in handy at this point. But if you’ve watched a video before and you’re going to delete it from your history, incognito mode won’t work. When looking at the steps you need to follow to turn on incognito mode,

  • First of all, you need to go to your web page on Youtube and click the menu button in the upper left corner of the page and click the history option that appears under the library in the sidebar.
  • If you want to remove an item from your watch history, you may need to click the X on the right at this point. delete youtube history on computer You may need to hover over your video to see the X at this step.
  • You can select the search history to see the list in all your searches on Youtube and click the X sign to the right of it to delete it.
  • This is how you can delete the items in your watch history in the Youtube app for Android, iPhone or iPad and go to the history tab after the library icon and tap remove from watch history on the menu button.

With these steps, you can delete it from your search history via Youtube mobile and web page application, so you will be able to hide, delete and automatically delete using this feature offered by Youtube platforms. It is a difficult task to delete watched videos laboriously, so these methods can be used.


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