How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

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permanently delete Instagram account, is one of the most striking issues. Instagram users may want to close their accounts for various reasons.

As with other social media platforms, it is possible to turn off Instagram in two ways. Instagram account;

  • Temporary,
  • It can be turned off permanently at the user’s request.

When we examine the number of Instagram users worldwide, it exceeds 1 billion. In Turkey, the number of Instagram users is close to 40 million. Constantly on Instagram, which has many users; Temporary closure or permanent closure of the account is carried out. However, we recommend that you take a look at the following points before deleting the Instagram account permanently:

Instagram Shutdown; “Account Suspension” is called “Temporary Closure”. The user can re-open their account whenever they want.

Instagram Deletion; It is called “Permanent Account Deletion”. If you cannot log in to your account for 1 month after the deletion of the Instagram account, your account will be permanently deleted.

How to Close Instagram Account Permanently?

“How to permanently close Instagram account” You have to follow some steps. We can list those steps as follows;

  • First, enter the Instagram application and open your own account,
  • After opening the Instagram account, go to the settings section and press the close account from there,
  • If you’ve logged into your Instagram account before, you’ll see the “Delete Your Account” page. Even if you are not logged in, enter your password with your Instagram username,
  • A page will appear in front of you. On that page, Instagram gives you; “Why do you want to delete the account?” will present an option. If you don’t have any reason, you can mark this section as “Something else”.
  • Then enter the password section and press the “Delete” button.

After doing the above steps, the platform gives an average of one month. If you do not log in to Instagram within that month, your profile and account information will be deleted completely. If you log in within 1 month, your account will become active again. In this way, the request you created for Instagram deletion will be removed directly.

Is the account deleted when the Instagram application is deleted?

“Is the account deleted when the Instagram app is deleted” This question is also asked a lot by users. We can answer this question as no. Your account will not be deleted after you do not follow the steps mentioned above on the account. Even if you delete the Instagram application from the device you use, you can re-login to the account from other devices. After deleting the Instagram account, you cut off the interaction with your followers on the platform. You will never see the profiles and posts of your followers.

Delete phone Instagram account transactions are not performed. You need to use a laptop to close your Instagram account.

In deleting an account via the Instagram application; Login to “” address. Then you need to follow these steps: Click on “Settings> Help> Help Center”. Then on the search bar, “How do I delete my Instagram account?” and you can reach the page you are looking for. If you do not open the Instagram account for 1 month after deleting it; Your account is permanently deleted. There can never be a situation like reopening your account. “Deleting account” You can easily handle transactions.


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