How to Change TikTok Country and Region?

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“How to change TikTok country and region” The subject is one of the most frequently asked questions about the application. As we all know, TikTok is increasing the number of users day by day. Along with its growth in direct proportion to the increase in the number of users, it also offers many features to its users. In this context, TikTok has brought new updates to the country and region changing issues.

TikTok video The content sources in the “Discover” section were randomly created. E.g; suddenly, content from other countries was falling in front of a TikTok user. This situation disturbed account users and TikTok received a lot of negative feedback. Thus, TikTok region change settings appeared. TikTok user had the chance to make a discover search in line with his/her preference area. TikTok country settings Users have the opportunity to choose the region with their own location. In this way, users can only see certain content specific to their region. With TikTok region switching, users can also scan their immediate surroundings. You can access the videos of the users in your neighborhood.

How To Change TikTok Country?

“How to change TikTok country”;

  • First of all, log in to the application,
  • Activate the account and log in to the home screen profile,
  • After accessing the profile, enter the account settings section,
  • “Country” option will appear,
  • After seeing the zone name, it needs to be changed in settings to be able to change it,
  • After making the above selection, check if your information has changed,
  • After the country change, the TikTok algorithm will be activated in a short time in line with the settings you make. TikTok algorithm will start to offer you content in line with the likes,
  • In order to revert the content that will come to your home pages from another country, “TikTok Region Change” You can use the feature,

What are the Advantages of TikTok Changing Country?

“What are the advantages of TikTok changing country” We have listed the subject in detail below. There are many users who want to change country and region on TikTok. TikTok change location You can change your audience with your preferences. In general, we can list the advantages of TikTok changing countries as follows;

  • You can follow the agenda in other countries,
  • Which country you want to address, you can open a live broadcast to the people there,
  • You can change TikTok Discover section,
  • You can provide transportation to the people of the country you love,
  • You can add a whole new dimension to your audience,
  • You can interact with people who produce content in other languages,
  • You can reach the breaking news in other countries,

How to Change TikTok Language?

“How to change TikTok language” The subject of change is as popular as country and region change. TikTok language change;

  • Login to your account,
  • From the transition tabs on the main page, enter the “I” profile in the lower right corner,
  • A profile page will appear on your screen. Click on the three dots in its upper right corner,
  • After that, you will see “Content options”. Enter the specified part of the content options,
  • You will see the option “Add language”. From here, do all the necessary actions,
  • Interact with content creators in that language to introduce your “switch language” choice to the algorithm. In this way, you can see content in the explore section in accordance with the language you choose.


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