How Does TikTok Discover Algorithm Work?

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“How TikTok discover algorithm works”; It is one of the most curious questions about TikTok, which has become a popular platform recently.

If you want to increase your audience on the TikTok platform and become a phenomenon, you need to know a few things in particular. If you follow those points, you will quickly gain followers on TikTok. To be a phenomenon on TikTok, you need to know how the discover algorithm works. TikTok discover algorithm;

  • The most liked content by users,
  • The most commented content
  • It changes according to the most watched posts during the week.

The TikTok Discover algorithm also works by account information and device. However, their effect is less than the ones we listed.

How Does TikTok Discovery Happen?

“How to fall on TikTok Discover” You can apply the points we will mention below. You will have taken an important step towards becoming a phenomenon by falling into Discover on TikTok. When you examine the TikTok Discover area, the number of likes and comments on the videos there is very high. Since videos on TikTok are beautiful, they do not fall into direct discovery. If you create a professional video, if the TikTok Discover algorithm does not comply with the working principle, the video you create is of no importance to the platform. The element that determines the functioning of social media platforms is algorithms. Social media algorithms; It highlights accounts that achieve stability that comply with the general rules of the platform. TikTok Discover algorithmworks according to the points mentioned below. Here’s how to run the TikTok Discover algorithm;

Post Quick Comments on Popular TikTok Users’ Videos

Commenting on TikTok videos means reaching more people. If a video is watched a lot, it gets as many comments as that number. In the algorithm of the TikTok application, the first comments are always kept at the top. So be the first to comment on the videos of popular accounts so that your account can be seen by everyone.

Follow Hashtags

“How to discover on TikTok” In this regard, hashtags also have a big role to play. Thanks to the hashtag, which means tag, people find the videos they want on the platform immediately. That’s why hashtags need to be used in the right videos. As a result of using a hashtag that does not reflect the video, the TikTok algorithm takes you back. Because your video, which is opened by looking at the hashtag, is closed immediately without being watched by the users.

Submit Your Content To Other Media Like YouTube

If you think you are remarkable, funny and professional in creating videos, you can also send them to channels such as YouTube. Especially on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, your content starts to get a lot of interaction in a short time. The more people your videos reach, the higher your chances of becoming popular.

Collaborate with Your Environment to Watch Your Videos

Tell your circle to watch your videos to get noticed by other users on the TikTok platform. Create collaborative videos with your environment.

If there are popular accounts around you, create and post joint videos with them. This way, their followers will notice you too. TikTok Discover algorithm responds faster to entertaining videos.


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