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Although users do not violate any rules, their Facebook accounts are closed. Sometimes, if the person has a second Facebook account, closing the account can happen to the user. Closed Facebook accounts There are many reasons for. Especially if the person logs into Facebook using a fake name while creating a Facebook account, the account is closed by Facebook. In addition, although the person is a member by typing his real name, which can not be found on the Facebook membership form, sometimes Facebook may close the account by thinking that the person’s account is fake.

Contrary to these situations, sometimes due to theft of the account. Facebook person can close their account. However, if the person has valid reasons, he or she must take the necessary actions to get his account back. In this way, the person can access his Facebook account again. Facebook may not give any warning in case of account closure. It can directly seize the account of the person. Perhaps the person may have violated a rule in Facebook without realizing it. To resolve all this Facebook Help Center Contacting them may be a solution.

How Many Days Will a Closed Facebook Account Be Opened?

In some cases, users’ accounts can be closed by Facebook for any reason. In this case, there is only one question that comes to mind. How many days will the closed Facebook account be opened? is the question. In the first case, if the person has closed his Facebook account himself, he can reactivate the account within a few days. In short, if the user has closed or frozen the account at his/her own request, he/she can regain access to the account, sometimes within 12 hours and sometimes within a maximum of 3 days.

Why is Facebook Account Closed?

Facebook presents a contract to the person at the stage of becoming a member. The person who will become a member also accepts the terms of this agreement and logs into Facebook. In some cases, Facebook accounts are suspended. This situation can happen frequently. My Facebook account has been suspended, how can I fix it? It also raises questions such as: In this case, it may be necessary to first have information about why the account was suspended.

Facebook account can be closed as a result of the following items:

  • Sharing inappropriate photos.
  • Making prohibited posts.
  • High rate of complaints received by other users.
  • Account opened with a fake name according to the Facebook standard.
  • As a result of harassing messages or similar behaviors, the account of the person is closed by Facebook.

Facebook accounts are closed directly in cases such as the items mentioned above or in similar situations. The only way to open an account is to fill out the required Facebook form and send it for review. At this stage, many users How to open facebook closed account without identity Wants to know about the issues. Sharing identity while submitting the form increases the reliability of the person.

Deleted Facebook Account Visible?

People who want to delete their Facebook account deleted Facebook account visible? He poses his question. Deleted Facebook accounts are not visible. However, it can take a long time for a deleted Facebook account to lose its visibility. A deleted Facebook account cannot be recovered. Therefore also delete facebook account From the beginning, the user needs to think well. After the user deletes his Facebook account, he cannot use any data back.

A user who deletes his Facebook account must wait within 90 days for all his data to be deleted. During this 90-day period, status updates, photos and videos made by the user depending on the account are kept in the backup system. You can contact us at 05437748061 to get your closed Facebook account opened, and you can get more information about the subject.


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